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No Slackers!

This program was designed to *improve* your working from home experience. Typically when we work from home (WFH) we work harder and longer than when present at the office. There are those unfortunate times when you step away for a few minutes and a colleague happens to instant message or email you and if you don't respond instantly it can hinder productivity and give the wrong impression. We aim to fix that by providing the tools that you need to WFH more effectively.

Rich Features

This program was created out of necessity by fellow WFH'ers. It has many features that will boost your productivity such as Auto Mouse Movement, Screen Comparison Reports, and Comprehensive Alerting Mechanisms. These features are all built in right from the start so you can be productive while at the same time dealing with the intricasies and challenges that sometimes interfere with working from home, such as crying babies, getting deliveries, and running out for a quick errand.

It's Simple and Free

There is absolutely no charge to use the application. There is nothing to install because it runs entirely in your browser. We only ask the following: Please use this to enhance the overall view of WFH professionals, not to disparrage it. Please join us on social media and tell your friends and coworkers about us. Please let us know if there are any improvements that you would like to see. Please consider visiting one of our sponsors. Thanks!